Young Designers 2009

Ashwini Fegade
Lifestyle Accessory Design | PGDPD
Range of Ganesha Pendants
Guide Chakradhar Saswade
Sponsonr Seth Sunderdas & Sons, Mumbai
> Ganesha Pendants
> Jewellery techniques
> Faith and religion
> Hindu mythology
For my project, I designed a new range of aesthetically inspired Lord Ganesha pendants. The inspiration for this concept came about after user research which suggested that individuals would wear these as a shield from negativity and as a forbearer of good fortune.

The scope of the project included in-depth research on Hindu mythology. Given that Ganesha Pendants already exist in the market, I employed combinations of different jewellery techniques such as Meenakari, Kundan, Rava, Filigree and settings such as Invisible, closed, pressure and supti, as well as different shapes of stones to infuse newness into my collections.

My design deliverables include three unique collections.

The first is inspired by attributes and names that are associated with Lord Ganesha. These included simple and attractive forms such as Maheshwaram ( Lord of the Universe), Vakratundan (with his trunk askew), Alampata (the eternal), Harida (the golden one) Shoorpakarnam( the one with the large ears) , Durja (the invincible) Avaneesh (master of the whole earth).

The second collection is based purely on forms which are simple, minimal and free flowing and based on white and gold themes.

The third collection is inspired by NARDIís blackamoor brooches. The idea derived from these brooches was to create Lord Ganeshaís Brooches with a fixed head precious stones encrusted beautifully around the head. In addition, I also designed several sets of earrings.

I am delighted to have used my design education to nurture faith in the wearers and infuse them with positivity, optimism and a feeling of divine protection.
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