Young Designers 2009

Sachita Agarwala
Strategic Design Management | PGDPD
Bottom Of The Pyramid : 'Insights and Opportunities'
Guide Krishnesh Mehta
Sponsonr Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Ltd., Mumbai
> Disruptive innovation
> Bottom of the pyramid
> Women’s employment
> Chotu Kool
My sponsor Godrej has initiated ‘new market disruption’ with the launch of its new product ‘Chotu Kool’ – a cooling and preserving device. The product is currently being sold and distributed through a women’s self-help group called 'Swayam Shikhshan Prayog' (SSP).

My project involved coming up with a basket of product and services concepts. The design parameters were that the interventions should be contextually relevant to target customers, low cost, use green technology and should enhance the lifestyle of the consumers. The validity of design concepts was then tested through user preference studies. Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation technique was employed as the key research methodology to understand the unconscious stimuli which effect consumer decisions.
Concepts included modular emergency lights to be used during power cuts; Waterproof socks with rubber soles to protect farmer’s feet; rolling water carriers for making carrying water easier; and a mechanical rolling massager with beads to soothe backache.

Based on my research, I have also designed strategic directions for Godrej for operating at the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ segment – which include directions for ‘Chotu Demo Centre’, an analysis of emerging trends and gain points to create brand connect and possible new distribution channels. I also designed a business model called ‘Bazaar Guru’ intended to be short-term interactive, practical and real-life vocational course on sales, marketing and entrepreneurship, certified by Godrej.

I am pleased to have used my design education to contribute to a social innovation initiative that will contribute positively and add value to individuals’ lives.
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