young designers 08
Ankita Jain
GDPD | Textile Design
Past Reflections
Sponsor: The Shop, New Delhi
Guide: Paresh Chatterjee
AFD  26
CGD  7
GD  27
IDD  6
LAD  16
NMD  9
PD  34
SDM  8
TD  17
Yoga accessories
Embroidered cushions
Table set (floral print)
Home furnishing
The brief given to me was to create a range of embroidered cushions, a collection of yoga accessories, cushions made out of gudri and a floral print table set. On the whole, the project required me to develop a product range, which would in the end, convey the identity and taste of the existing products of ‘The Shop,’ an export house, which deals with home furnishing products as well as lifestyle accessories like bags and other table textile accessories.
The diploma project was my first hands-on-experience in the industry with real workmanship and consumer needs. My basic idea, when I started my diploma, was to create different and attractive but practical products which did not have clichéd forms. The waste material in the factory caught my attention. I felt that re-using this brilliant and attractive element in modern products would make for an interesting fusion.
I thought of using the waste in construction and products, which would not require a lot of fabric. These products could be showcased once in a season and sold in an assorted fashion. The forms of bags and pouches were kept bold with less of constructive skills and more of simple surface area, making them feminine yet trendy. The prints and colours used were vibrant and bold.
The other area of work was to create semi woollen and semi formal garments. The garments, which I structured, were simple in form and had a clean look. The subtle colours also added to the mood of the garments and their feel.
My project taught me that a designer doesn’t need to create masterpieces that cannot be replicated, but products that are desired and cherished by the user, even if they cannot be mass-produced.
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