young designers 08
Archana Balaji
PGDPD | New Media Design
Hasta Viniyoga: Using Bharatnatyam Gestures in Interactive Spheres
Sponsor: Texity Systems Pvt.Ltd., Pune
Guide: Dr Jignesh Khakhar
AFD  26
CGD  7
GD  27
IDD  6
LAD  16
NMD  9
PD  34
SDM  8
TD  17
gestures (mudras)
interaction design
Movement means change and in order to change, some sort of action is required. Dance provides the most basic form of bodily expression and is well suited for communication processes. As dance represents an art form, experiencing dance provides perspectives on knowledge that might not be common in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) related education and development contexts.
My project proposes a method or system of communication, by constructing a language using the different gestures (mudras) of Bharatanatayam as a starting point. We are entering a new age of interaction design, where gestures in space and touch on a screen will be as prominent as pointing and clicking. At such a time, how does one create protocols for this new paradigm? The answer may lie in the language of dance and its gestures. Desk research aided in answering the above questions, in studying the current trends and their implications on my project. Concepts were explored as to how the use of this stylised language could make way for new methods of physical and emotional engagement. These abstractions were then combined, refined and detailed. Some of these were prototyped and tested with some potential users to understand how they would act, reacted and ultimately interact.
This project draws on an interdisciplinary perspective combining theories and experience of dance education, as well as cognitive and methodological processes. The possibilities of use for this “Application” are endless.
My role in the diploma project was as simple and complex as being my own manager. As I worked on a project that was more related to the arts and humanities, I had to not only propose the idea but also take into account several things such as planning and execution, so that the project could be seen to its completion in a satisfactory method.
The diploma project provided a wonderful learning experience and despite several things not going according to plan, it paved a way for learning in the most unexpected manner. Although the diploma project was sponsored, it often felt like I was on my own because I was working on a project that was of my own making. However, I shall always be grateful to my sponsor (Texity Systems, Pune) for giving me the chance to explore my passion.
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