young designers 08
Aditi Dilip
GDPD | Graphic Design
Designs for an Exhibition — Before and After
Sponsor: Trapeze, Bengaluru
Guide: Immanuel Suresh
AFD  26
CGD  7
GD  27
IDD  6
LAD  16
NMD  9
PD  34
SDM  8
TD  17
Indian industrial design
Identity development
Design for exhibition
Visual identity
My diploma project involved developing a language for an exhibition that started out exclusively, featuring furniture designs but, later, expanded to envelope the field of Industrial design as well.
The exhibition, Design X, aimed at promoting Indian industrial designers while providing a platform for showcasing their designs. It was initiated to further greater integration between designers, their peers and colleagues, members of the industry as well as the general public. The project involved generating a symbol and logo representing the idea underlying Design X, print collaterals for promotions, a website, and a showcase book to be released after the exhibition.
During the project, the biggest challenge was to maintain a steady focus on the eventual goal—generate a consistent visual language for the exhibition, which is flexible enough to be applied to collaterals using different media in the 2008 edition of Design X as well as for future editions of the exhibition.
The focus was on generating a spirit of energy, debate and discussion as well as one of curiosity about industrial design in India and the people behind it. Three broad categories were conceived for the exhibition - ‘Expression,’ ‘Exploration,’ and ‘Extension.’ These words represented the essence of Design X and were the driving force behind its ideology.
At the end of the entire design process, I was able to generate a symbol and logo for the exhibition as well as two finalized design options for the rest of the collaterals thereby, developing the identity for Design X.
Despite all the ‘back and forth’ journeys that I underwent during my process, one thing I learnt was that it’s okay to stumble even when you think you are not supposed to, because it only means that you’re trying really hard.
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